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TraceGains Overview

Items Supplied Tab

What is the Items Supplied Tab?
The Items Supplied tab contains product specifications such as facility, formula, and additional product information.

Things you can find in this tab:
Manufacturing Facility Information
National Brand Information
Formula Number
Ingredient Statement
Country of Origin
Nutritional Information (if applicable)
Product Management Associate Contact Information
Regulatory Contact Information

Navigating to the Items Supplied Tab
Click on Items Supplied on the top navigation bar:

Using Filters to Search
To improve your search, you can enter information in any column on the top row of the grid
Once the criteria has been entered in, either hit Enter on your keyboard or click on the Filter button on the top right corner.

Note: Certain filters have already been pre-loaded to give you a specific list of active items.

Drilling into an Item
Click on the gear in the item record row you wish to find more details about

❓ Consumer Friendly Name vs SAP Item Name
The item name in TraceGains will always reflect what is on the label, if a label has been supplied to Topco. The reasons the item name from SAP was changed to a more consumer friendly name in TraceGains was to be able to:
Easily search for a product when logging in products to be monitored
Easily identify the product when logging in a complaint
The Item Name field in TraceGains has a higher character limitation than SAP and therefore the name can be expanded to spell out abbreviations that can often be confused for different words.

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