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Strategies to Sell Diffusion Board

Exclusive Diffusion Board Drop

We want to have the creators that decide to monetize their Diffusion boards to use the ‘drop’ strategy that worked for our creator, Tony Plasencia, this will be our hand hold protocol for the intermediate to achieve a 4.5% conversion to pay rate. We will be having the creators create individual diffusion boards/collections that we will manually aggregate and customize on Coda.

*other strategies will be via communities (telegram,whatsapp,discord) or planned social blasts (on substack,twitter, tik-tok, instagram)
We believe by having creators mock our strategy - we will do three things for creators:
Provide support for digital asset marketing
Provide a helpful experience creating on diffusion
Creators will be able to monetize their tastes

Our benchmark metric is a 4.5% Conversion to Paid from Reach, Benchmark reach sits at 175 accounts.
So we will start by having creators curate boards:
Five pieces of saved content
Their opinions pieces per content piece
Five Learnings on all this content + board or summarize the board for fans

Once the board is originally curated the creator will email it or dm it to Tony so he can aggregate on Coda () This Coda document is to personalize and no-code the design problem we are having. Ideally it will have the same copy as the board but will provide a better user experience for fans and not tarnish our reputation.
Ok - all the admin stuff is done. Let’s make this a drop. Let’s imagine that we’ve been able to everything laid out above on a Sunday so we’re going to start out drop on Sunday. The maximum duration of the drop should be 3 days.
Social Media Channels

Day 1
Poll Messaging #1
I’ve been diving deep into [xyz] lately, been learning a ton and, saving articles. Are you curious about [xyz] as well?

[Poll: Yes, I want to 🧠 more! or No, it’s not my thing]

This should be give you a minimum of a 25% reach to the accounts that follow you. [based off of personal data and instagram data]. This poll should give you an idea of the fans that don’t enjoy your perspective in this niche per say but also give you an idea of who is interested in this niche but also wants to learn more about your perspective.

Day 2
Poll Messaging #2
I would wait until around +15 people responded on this poll (yes/no) to send this one off
Cool! Can I curate an exclusive board with all the content I’ve found helpful for you? $x to access & drops at midnight 👀 [Poll: Yes, please 🧠! or No, it’s not my thing]
So this one is crucial. I used a collage of all of my NFT’s to accentuate the board I was going to be creating. Once people start to respond yes - you should start to follow up with them. I can provide templates for you to use as well below. This poll will receive similar reach to the last one and those that responded should fall into line. I’d follow up this poll with another relevant story to your niche so if it’s travel - maybe some pictures of you doing x. If it’s entrepreneurship it could be you pitching, you get the idea. Ok check the templates below:

Final Poll of the Day
Wrapping up the early access board drop today , do you want to learn more about [xyz] with me? [ Poll: Yes or No ]
This is just to bring those who may not have seen it and to create a sense of FOMO.

Day 3

OMG. You guys are the best! We just put on [x] more people to learn more about [insert topic]. Final Access, are you in? [ Poll: Duh or Nah]

* We can re-run these days later using similar templates and reducing price, this is what worked for me.

Messaging Templates
Initial after Poll
Hey, gonna curate this[insert board topic] for you. Anything in particular you want to learn about?
I’ll curate the essentials that I used and personalize with my thoughts.
Asks about what it is
So diffusion a space for creators to organize content and share their tastes with their friends and fans. It’s a cool to tool to help people find quality content through curation, help creators organize save content they find, and earn.
How to access
Sharing at midnight to those who unlock 🚀 $5 to unlock, it’ll have 10 pieces of content I found most helpful, how each is helpful, and how you can use the boards + bonus 5 pieces on [insert]
How to Pay
Venmo or Paypal me [insert username] and label it [ Diffusion , Title of Board]
Wants to see an example
this is the example one on NFT’s from the founder , everybody loves this -

Community Sell

We want to provide pre-meditated strategies to our creators to allow them to monetize their curated content to their current fans. One way that we see this happening is through selling directly to their curated communities such as those that are present in whatsapp, discord, or telegram. Outside of social media channels ( not where true fans engage) to see where earning and monetization creators will happen.
We’ve already been able to prove one of our strategies which was the exclusive drop on Instagram and Twitter. Our intent is to diversify the way that creators go about monetizing and distributing their diffusion boards. By making them either free or exclusive we will be able to kill two birds with one stone by testing engagement and monetization.

We’re not exactly sure how we’ll go about using communities as a medium to monetize boards or as a engagement play but this is how we’re thinking about it.

One of our creators, Dani, has a whatsapp community with 194 subscribers. She’s curating job links for those in her group. There is a 2% engagement rate of individuals commenting. From what she’s mentioned - people are taking interest to the idea of a curated job board every two weeks.
We think that by having creators curate boards using diffusion within their specific niche, curate onto coda to sell (until design is done), paywall, and promote internally. The process from the exclusive board drop doesn’t change too much. We will be using a third-party service to embed a paywall into individual Coda documents for fans to access. These boards should be community sourced so we will be testing polls like “ what content do you want to learn more about” or direct drops like above.
How we measure success?


We want to make diffusion a tool that works for creators. Whether it be a top of funnel or a bottom of the funnel mechanism. With this in mind we are hoping to embed diffusion in places that creators use to already host their content or brand - website, link sites, etc. This will give us the benefit of distribution and discovery without the need to fully build out profiles for our creators in the interim.
This may be the easiest way for us to get involved with creators since we’re going to start by doing this with Dani - can carry over learnings, templates, code. Not only that but we’d be able to link boards/ collections directly into existing tools creators use.

We want to be everywhere creators post their content and promote themselves. Additionally it’s important for us to be synonymous where fans expect to see their favorite creators work.
Embed into creators website
Front-end is visible on their website
Fan is limited to view and is prompted to pay to continue to read
Paypage comes up on their side
Redirected to Diffusion Board via Code
Manual Email link to Customers by pulling stripe
Split 10% of total rev. weekly

Link Builder
Embed into creators website
Front-end is visible on their website
Fan is limited to view as displayed on platform
Click is redirected to paywall on diffusion site
Paywall is set to microtransaction via stripe
distribute 10% to connected account ie: creator
Beacons/ Linktree Implementation
Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 3.41.05 PM.png

How we measure success?

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