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Mission/ Problem

Diffusion. A social network for curation
We’re building diffusion to democratize the creator economy by making the middle-class of creatives.
Our goal is to shift the focus of social networks from social capital to quality opinions, provide creatives the resources they need to monetize their authentic community and encourage people to create by lowering entry barriers.
For Creators
Spend hours of research/looking at different types of content but don’t have a one-stop to save, organize, or share the content they find valuable.
No way to streamline their recommendations and favorite content to their fans

For Fans
Algorithms curate content from 0.01% of all content on the platform - we are missing hyper-niche content
Growing trend that we trust creators over platforms creating a chasm of trust
Lack of a curated platform with a lack of hyper-niche content leads to a fragmented content discovery


Right now: Diffusion is a creator monetization tool that makes it easy to earn from fans.
Creators can curate their favorite web content into storyboards for their fans to dig into their perspective. Fans can collaborate with their favorite creators to curate something special.
Soon: A curation social network for people to discover high quality content from creators they trust
Pinterest meets Substack. Where you can save content from the web, create a visual storyboard with your web content, add your perspective, share, and collaborate with followers.
The feature set is simple for the future: extension, storyboard creator, highlighter tool( for texts), collaboration tool, and resource center. As of right now — we have a google chrome extension and list creator (a web app).
We want to make it easy for people to get started. We’re building the best resource center for creators to learn how to grow and develop their brands. Ranging from how to find your niche, how can I go viral, to how to curate a diffusion board?
You’d be able to use diffusion to discover content that is relevant to your interests. You’ll be able to view creators’ storyboards (up to 5 pieces of content). These storyboards/lists provide you a visual tease, story, and opinion representative of the curator’s content. You’ll find beauty, business, music, lifestyle, and fashion boards. (more to come)
On the front- they have vlogs, blogs, tweet threads, Instagram posts, a tik-tok video, and a summary of the entire board.
On the back- you can find their understanding of the subject and prescription to the problem — they’re an expert in the space anyway. This is a great way to peel back the lens of the giants in their area.

Using our chrome extension — you can begin to save content and add notes.
They can use our curation tool to import and create a ‘mash-up of all your saved content — you can create a ‘this is why I think about x’s or even use that all to repurpose as a new piece of content on your diffusion board. People want to understand d what makes up creators thinking/
We can help them learn how to cultivate your followers and turn them into a community you can earn from. You can continue to be your follower’s trusted voice by going a level deeper and telling them your experience with the products, how to apply, and where you get your information from.

People can access exclusive boards by subscribing to you for collaboration/ access to your boards or one-time purchases.

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