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We wanted to create something for every creator who decided to take a shot on us. We want you to have a diffusion 101 - since you’re so pivotal to what we’re doing!
You’ll find ways to get set-up, where we see the product going, and more! We will make sure to be continuously update this and everybody is more than welcome to @ tony plasencia for any other information you may want!
Want to make a diffusion board?
What’s the big picture for diffusion?
Creator Economy 101
Resources for you as a Creator
Want to see how I make a board?
If you’re interested in a ‘Growth Kit’ as a creator/curator- one of our own diffusers, Dani Passos, has an awesome kit that she can share!
Tldr: Mission
Diffusion. A social network for curation
We’re building diffusion to democratize the creator economy by making the middle-class of creatives.
Our goal is to shift the focus of social networks from social capital to quality opinions, provide creatives the resources they need to monetize their authentic community and encourage people to create by lowering entry barriers.
For creators - this will give them a new tool to make their content creation process easier and less time-consuming. With that time, they will be able to spend more time engaging with their fans to provide value and earn. Through diffusion, they can find a way to make one-to-one or niche-specific recommendations with their fans which increases trust, a vital lifeline for creators.
Fans are able to find content quickly from a person that they trust. They will also be able to transition from consumers to creators through curation, a lower barrier entry form of creation than producing media.
Email me ( tony@diffusion.me) , text me ( 925-421-4078), or @ me here or on discord)

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