DesignOps with Coda

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Feature Request Ranking
At Coda we'll often use a scoring system to evaluate different improvements. Below is a sample we did for a ship-a-thon where we prioritized different improvements we could make in a single day coding event.
Team event voting
Here's an example we did in Coda to vote on virtual team events during the pandemic.
Design System
Here's an example of how we use Coda to document our design system. We have a doc dedicated to our design principles, UI Library and UX patterns.
Below is an example of how we use Coda to help onboard new employees. Each new employee is given a Coda doc with a lists of tasks to complete their onboarding.
Project Assignments
We use Coda to track who is working on what on a given week. It allows us to see who is available for a new project.
Candidate evaluation
Here's an example we might use in the interview process to score design candidates. In a more advanced version, each interviewer could score separately and we could discuss standard deviations where the team disagrees.
Site map
Here's an example of a site map project we did for the marketing site. By using grouping we can easily move sub pages around in the hierarchy.
Below is a design playbook at Coda with potential ‘plays’ that we may choose to use on a particular story. When starting a new project, the team puts together a proposal for the plays that will be used based on the timeline and needs of the feature.
Team Site
At Coda we build our external websites in Coda. Here's an example of our team design site. With our publishing feature you can make it look even more professional. Check it out at
Internship form
We ran our entire internship form inside of a single Coda doc. With Coda you can build custom external forms where the data flows in to a Coda doc.
Weekly check-in
Every week when we meet as a group, everyone will add their weekly sentiment and the group will read each others. It's much more efficient than going around the room. Everyone is encouraged to make it brief.
Design Critiques
We use a Coda doc for designers to sign up for our weekly crit. After they present, we mark off the topic for the day.
Task tracker
One of the most common scenarios in Coda is task tracking. Its' flexible and you can vary the fields by the project, create charts or separate views that filter out some information. Below is a sample visual nits tracker I create toward the end of a project.

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