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Conversation 2: Dreams Lead to Vision

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Identify Big Rock skills

Skills an employee needs to be able to demonstrate, across all Vision Statements.

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Now that you know where you want to go, let's define how to get there.
Think about all of your visions, then identify a superset of skills (5-8) that you might need to be successful.
This set of skills will ultimately help you prioritize and take actionable steps towards your long-term vision without you having to choose one, single Career Vision Statement over another.
Make every effort to focus on the big rocks and not the gravel (see Chapter 16, Section: ‘What to Work On’), to learn more).

Step 4: Identify 5-8 Big Rock skills

These are the demonstrable skills you’ll need in order to be successful in your dream job(s). The list below offers some examples of 'Big Rock’ skills to get you started. Remember, we’ll get precise - we'll get to the gravel - in the Career Action Plan. Please review Chapter 16 for a refresher on what Big Rock skills are!

Employee: Identify Big Rock Skills to create Master Skills List

Select 5-8 ‘Big Rock’ skills from the skill library below...or add your own. The skills are organized by Functional Area of Business (So FAB!) groups. ☝️ NOTE: To add a brand-new skill, select a ‘Functional Area’, then click ‘Add Skill’ button or the ‘+New item link below the last skill in the sidebar list below.

Big Rock Skills Library

Choose a ‘Functional Area’ (FAB), then choose a ‘Big Rock Skill’ from the sample list below

Select a FAB:

Gaining competency in Customer Relationship Management systems and tools
Improving your ability to forecast your quarter and year
Client Relationships
Improving your ability to create and maintain meaningful client relationships - building trust, solving problems, and making them successful
Learn how to negotiate your contracts from an optimal bi-lateral win - value for customer and value for your company
Improve your ability to pitch products, services, vision, live; learn to build great presentations
Learn to close the deal in a timely fashion.
Sales Methodology
Learning various sales methodologies to make sure you’re a tactically sound seller or sales leader.
Big Rock Skill
Add focus area that would be required across all Vision Statements
Skill description
1-2 sentences that clarifies how this skill is typically expressed.
Gaining competency in Customer Relationship Management systems and tools
Functional Area of Business (FAB)
Select a FAB, or click 'Blank', enter a new FAB, then select '+{new_FAB}' from list
Delete Skill
Add to your Master Big Rocks Skill List
Add Skill

Want to add create custom FABs and Skills?

How to manage or create new Functional Area of Businesses
To create a new FAB, click the ‘Select a FAB’ dropdown list above, type 1-2 words to describe your new functional area, then click the new FAB you’ve created ( ‘+ {your_new_FAB}’) from the list. Finally, add some ‘Big Rock Skills’ to your new FAB.
List of Functional Areas of Business (FAB)
Functional Area
General Management
CS Engineering
People Ops
There are no rows in this table
How to add new Big Rock Skills
Add new Big Rock Skill to library

Employee: Review & finalize Big Rock skillset

Take one final look at the Master Skills List. Remove extras or scroll back up to the library to add others. Once you think it’s ready to go, click the 'Add to all Vision Statements button to copy all the skills listed below to each one of your Vision Statements. ☝️ NOTE: If you make any kind of updates to this list, remember to Clear & Reset all Vision Skillsets, then add the newly updated skills list to the Vision Statements again.

You have 5 Big Rock Skills identified.

Your Master Skills List
Big Rock Skills
People Management
Digital - paid and earned
Product Marketing
There are no rows in this table

Add & Update Visions w/Big Rock Skills and GO!

Next Up:

Time to Rank and Rate! Now that you have completed your Master Skills List, you are ready to stack rank them for each Career Vision Statement and also rate your current ability for each skill, again, for each Career Vision Statement.

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