Weekly Team Meeting Template

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This doc was created by of Coda and at Sweat Equity Ventures. The structure of the doc is based on SEV’s weekly meeting flow, but it can be easily adapted for other companies and teams structures, too.

Set up

Each section of the has its own page (along the left-hand side), and the page has Views of each page and is filtered to that meeting’s date.
Detailed notes on each section’s set up can be found in each of their pages.

How we run our meetings

We “check-in” to the meeting with personal and professional highlights from the previous week
We share gratitude for team members (e.g. help on a project, walking through a problem together, a great 1:1) and +1 or heart gratitude from other people.
“Amazon-style” updates on OKRs, Portfolio Companies, and Pipeline Review
Everyone adds updates into the doc in advance
We silently read each a topic in each section
We open time for questions or discussion on the topic
We rotate meeting leads every week, which is tracked in
Our meetings are scheduled for 1.5 hours, but typically take less time
While distributed, everyone keeps the doc in one tab and the video conference in another so we can still see each other while reviewing all of the doc notes

Why SEV likes using Coda for our weekly meeting

Doc setup
Coda “sets up” our meeting each week through several Automations. The day before our meeting Coda adds in all of the sections for our next meeting and pings our #Team Slack channel a reminder for everyone to add their notes.

More focused meetings
With Coda’s Detail view of tables we stay on topic because viewers can only see the content for one topic at a time, instead of being tempted to look forward a section or two.
Updates are more succinct because of the doc structure; there isn’t a wide open space for someone to type a memoir into.

“Edited by” Columns
Instead of guessing or asking who added a topic or update to the doc, Coda’s “Created by” columns enable us to easily see the person’s avatar or name.

Feels like an application
The addition of buttons, specific areas to add notes, and ability to sort and filter data makes writing and reviewing notes much more straightforward – even enjoyable!

Questions or Feedback

Please reach out to on LinkedIn if you have any questions or feedback on the doc!
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