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Steps to Overcome Life's Challenges

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I’m glad you’re here. Maybe I should rephrase that. I’m not glad for the reason you are here, you have encountered some difficulty in life which brought you to search for how to overcome that difficulty but I am glad that you are seeking to overcome it!
The purpose of this doc is to give you some steps to take when you face some challenge in life. It can be something small that just needs a little redirection or it can be something life-altering such as what happened to me to teach me these lessons.
If you are curious as to my path of learning you can find that here . Whatever the reason, you are here because you are facing some obstacle or challenge that you wish to overcome. So let’s dive in!
Each step I’ll also give you a sample page with some ideas on how you might use that

Step One →

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Step Three →

Step Four →

Step Five →

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