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Steps to Overcome Life's Challenges

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Brain Dump

The first morning after V day I woke up with millions of thoughts running around in my head. It was too much to deal with. The first thing I did was get one of the kids spiral notebooks and a pen and I started writing. I created a list of all those things in my head, just dumped them onto paper. By getting them onto paper it allowed me to stop obsessing over each and every one of them and worrying about the future. I would use this list over the next weeks or even months to work through the issues. I could either schedule the thing to do, delegate it to someone else or sometimes just scratch it off because it really wasn’t something that needed to be done.
Many successful people use the brain dump technique for many reasons. It’s a good place to start.
Don’t think about it or analyze it. Just write it. Maybe it’s just thoughts and feelings and you need to get them out. Maybe it’s things you think you should do or you want to do. There is no right or wrong answers here. Just write!
Depending on what you write, you might want to take those items and turn them into a To Do List you can check off.
Let’s start dumping.
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