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Steps to Overcome Life's Challenges

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Do The Next Right Thing

When we are thrown a curve ball in life and our journey seems to go off the path we thought we were on, we can get overwhelmed. What now? Whether you were planning your career and got derailed or you were planning your life with someone, where we’d live, how many children we’d have, etc. You probalby had a plan and that plan no longer exists. Now what?
This is where I always hear a song in my head.
Just put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door!
I know it’s silly song but it always reminds me that we cannot change everything at once. Our lives are made up of small choices. We make one choice that leads to another and another and another. All those choices add up and take us down a path.
A wise person once told me to “do the next right thing.” I thought that was brillient. I don’t have to have the whole plan. I don’t need to make every decision now. I just need to do the next right thing. Take that one step.
I think this is so important after the grieving process because it moves us forward. After your pity party, get up, put on your big boy/girl pants and do something! Take a step in the right direction. Even if it turns out later to need some course correction, you are moving forward.
Now it’s your turn.
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