Use Cases / User Journey Map / Design Flow

Here i will highlight the various use-cases considering the user journey map for the buyer and create specifications for the features t be developed for the sellers and create the design work flow
Paymentwall marketplace is an online platform for merchants to sell digital goods and buyers can buy digital goods.

"Primary goal of the seller is to reach out to the potential buyer and build a customer base along with earning more money "

To understand the user behaviour aspect i did usability testing for 5 people around me to understand how the user journey looks like from a buyer perspective ( for any product digital or physical as this will give more insights about the user ) on a ecommerce platform as this will directly impact the experience i need to design for the seller

In the below mentioned google drawing i have captured the user journey map and word association framework for understanding the various behaviour aspects of the user ( buyer )

Stages of user journey while buying goods on an online marketplace
Usecase sketch 1.jpg
Word association at various stages
Usecase sketch 2.jpg
User journey map with use cases at each stage
Usecase sketch 3.jpg

I have created the user journey and various stages for the seller and buyer for a general experience on a marketplace and basis on this i will define the various product components and product specifications for the seller integration , as this mapping of various stages will help in understanding the user in a better way

Seller stages are as mentioned below
Usecase sketch 4.jpg

Buyer stages are as mentioned below
Usecase sketch 5.jpg

Considering all the points and user goals as well overall objective for the product , various product components / specifications are defined

User experience for sorting / filtering can be a multi sort feature as shown in the below wireframe
Usecase sketch 6.jpg

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