Product Description

Product Requirement
We need to create a product workflow for merchants to sell digital goods on the ecommerce platform of Payment-Wall
This flow will cover only digital goods workflow
Definition of digital goods : "An intangible asset that can be sold and distributed online without the need of replenish inventory "
No buyer workflow will be covered as a part of the workflow as per the requirement
Only seller experience will be covered as a part of the workflow
SEO optimisation is already been done for the ecommerce platform and merchants are aware that they can sell digital goods on the platform
3. Goal / objective of the product
As we are working on the offering for a new product line on the platform , understanding here is as a company objective is to increase the revenue stream for the company along with acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers by offering diversified product offerings
From the end user perspective goal /objective is he/she shall be able to make the purchase with a very good user experience and shall get the best product /service offering because the

4. Target Segment
There are multiple personas here
a) Sellers
b) Buyers
As the requirement is focussed around seller integration for the ecommerce platform , i will prioritise the product features keeping in view the uses cases for the primary persona which is "seller " here.
5. Prioritisation
I will prioritise the use cases / solutions considering impact / effort matrix and how much a particular use case / solution is helping in achieving the end user goal / objective

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