Startup Pitch Outline Template

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About this Doc

It’s critical to make sure your team is incredibly well-trained at pitching why candidates should join your startup. This is a tool to help you catalog the key areas that are covered in your pitch, and how to help people track where they’re comfortable and where they’re developing.


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Make a copy of the doc by pressing the button above.
Go to and see if there are any you’d like to add/remove.
Go to and start to think through your pitch flow. Are all areas covered from your page?
Have each pitcher add themselves to the
section and press the button to create proficiency rows.
Ask people to score themselves in the page at the beginning of this exercise, and then prioritize where you need to invest time practicing.
Reflect on overall confidence levels in the .
Collect , such as pitch docs, links, videos, etc.
Meet regularly to develop, practice and perfect your pitch.


Reverse shadow as much as you can, so people can hear live pitches.
Try to use a tool like Loom to record and share pitches.
Have people take turns pitching each area during your pitch sessions. Provide feedback after people finish their pitch. Brainstorm ways to improve.
Log notes from your pitch meeting in the section, so as new people onboard to pitching, they can learn from past meetings.

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