Spencer Wrapped 2021
I wrote a lot in 2021. I finished my
@write 500 words
times in the year, so that translates to at least
words, which is 🤯 🤯
In addition, I shared 8 , 100 (several of which graduated to full posts), 8 , and at least 50 updates.
Here are some of my favorites from the year:

I wrote a piece for about how we can seize the magic of technology for ourselves and our communities.

I’ve been struggling with making sense of the “literary world” and getting different pieces published in order to have broader reach, impact, and opportunity for discussion, and this was an awesome opportunity that emerged out of a cozy and resonant community. I definitely recommend joining Reboot if you’re interested in techno-optimism (feel free to reach out to me with questions), and it all began with me taking the chance to write a to their .

I wrote a deep dive on the project I lead development for at Coda. I love breaking down hard engineering concepts both as a way to ensure I understand all the intricacies of a project as well as sharing design thinking and the tradeoffs considered in a flawed solution space because I value seeing that raw behind-the-scenes for creative endeavors. Although there are many things we can do to accelerate the value of this feature for helping users create their own personal software, I’m really proud of the work I did here and how I was able to grow as an engineer and builder.

I embarked on a project to create 100 mini-essays. Read on in the section!

Other personal essays

some other favorites...
: about the disconcerting liminality of Vegas
: on the difference between commitment and obligation
: the paradox of technology and what I hope to do about it
: on the perception of time
: a commitment to building my craft rather than my career

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