Spencer Wrapped 2021


I’m grateful to so many people from this year for helping me grow, laugh, learn, write, think, plant, ski, surf, build, pause, consider, befriend, express, and more. The people around me have helped me be kinder, bolder, more stubbornly optimistic, and able to pursue my dreams and be unabashedly myself.
here’s a non-ordered, non-exhaustive set of people who have personally influenced me this year through attention and/or inspiration.
gretchen, charles yu, ameesh, minh, avery, becca, hemanth, vi vu, austin, may, jonah, ray, tommy, rex, ken liu, weiwei, nikhil, jamie, amanda liu, janvi, michael varney, yorke, eli, ava, alex hwang, ted chiang, jacky zhao, leah, jasmine wang, omar sy, linus, ghoni, ben lieber, ivan zhao, will, daniel, kelsey, sonia, jon borchevsky, jasmine sun, sicong, ani, bharat, john li, andy matuschak, mary ngo, k ming chang, rick song, bret victor, jonathan, katharine, dad, jenny ren, alden, andrew stinger, gita, vincent hwang, patrick, andy zhang, lane, oeishi, christy, JB, liz, bianca, alicia, winston, noah, mom, huayang, annie, alex du, andrew ligeralde, luis, nagle, helena, napas, visa, geoffrey litt

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