Spencer Wrapped 2021


I wanted to challenge myself to get better at dance, and I performed a dance for a city dance workshop! Performance is such a different vibe compared to just going to choreo classes. I wrote several times about my and why I’ve been so attracted to it, as a way of .
my performance!
Some other dance favorites
I finally got comfortable with skiing this year. It feels like the natural pressure of the Bay Area to go to Tahoe and take advantage of our beautiful snow, and I’m glad I gave into peer pressure for this one :) It’s an amazingly fun experience once you get comfortable with it, and of course, I’m grateful for the privilege to enjoy this very expensive and limited sport.
I remember spending a week staying in Tahoe skiing in the morning and working at night and getting to enjoy some awesome storms and finally got comfortable with riding on blacks!
One especially memorable moment was when I was getting confident and trying jumps in the obstacle course, and something unfortunate happened...

My binding literally broke off when I fell, so my friends had to pull me down manually—which resulted in a lot of falling on my end. Luckily we were heading back that day, and the specific part I needed ended up being available at the local REI (otherwise I would have had to replace the whole binding for >$100).

Biking was both an area of joys and despair.

Joys because I’ve always loved biking and I made the jump to get a bike of my own to explore more of San Francisco’s beauty. This opened up the world to me, and I still cherish those early morning rides beside the water, up to the Golden Gate Bridge, and a treat of Arsicault’s impossibly flaky croissants. I got a whole crew to start biking with and exploring different areas of SF and beyond the city.

Group 1.png
my many Arsicault trips
Despair because I had my bike stolen not once but twice... The first bike I was keeping in our personal locked storage unit in the garage, and someone broke in to the unit while our outside garage door was malfunctioning and stole my bike. I called the police, but there wasn’t much for them to do. I and started looking for a new bike when... lo and behold my very bike appeared on Facebook Marketplace. I couldn’t . It opened up all the doors of hope that I had closed before and quickly contacted them to meet up as well as confirming with the seller I had bought it from that it was the same (there were a few custom parts). I tried to do this the “right” way—getting in touch with the police, but it wasn’t their priority and they advised me not to confront them in person myself (or even with a few large friends). It ended up getting sold in a couple days, and the police never got back to me about my case. The second bike I locked up around the corner at a park I spent an hour eating dinner at. When I came back, the lock had been sawed off, and the bike was nowhere to be found. By now, I’ve spent an obscene amount of money on bikes for a few simple lessons (I never leave my bike out unattended now) and a burning angst about the fact that San Francisco doesn’t feel safe.
Me when I got stranded with my bike going the wrong way on the last BART from east bay

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