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Implemetation @ Joveo

Success Metrics, Goals, and Benchmarks

Identify and relay the goals of the client to the CS team
Goal could be
Target CPA (or CPC)
Target Applications per week or per month
Monthly budgets
Budget pacing
Depending on the customer, the customer could ask for the budget to be paced evenly through the month. Some customers could also ask for the budget to be used as soon as possible
There could be some benchmarks that the customer might have basis on the agencies or job boards that they have used earlier. These benchmarks could also be either cost (CPA/CPC) or traffic (Applies/Clicks)

Some success metrics could also be the adoption of other Joveo products such as
MOJO Insights
MOJO Apply
Adoption of other Joveo products helps in upselling and hence increased budgets and revenue for Joveo.

Trading setup


Need to decide if the customer has to be setup in the Managed Services instance or do they need their own instance.
If Managed Services (MS) instance is used, the account will be managed entirely by the Joveo AdOps team. Customer will share access to MOJO Insights where they can see their performance. MS instance allow Joveo to add Markups.
If the customer requires a new instance, the trading could be both entirely Managed, entirely hands-off, or a hybrid. Separate instance allows the customer to see the bids set.


We need to check with the client if they allow JavaScript pixels or not. If yes, then the pixel need to be shared with the client and tested end-end to ensure that the applies are being recorded accurately.
If the client doesn’t allow JS pixel, we need to then share IMG pixel.

Joveo Exchange (JAX)

We usually try to sell JAX to the customers which allow us to source traffic from sources other than the customer have asked for. It also gives us the ability to add Margins on this traffic if we are performing better than the client’s goals.
To setup the JAX, we need to have a Publisher exclusion list which we won’t use behind JAX

Publisher Setup

Publisher Mix Customer would share the list of the publishers that they would want us to use. Some of these publishers like Indeed or ZipRecruiter could require a setup with these publishers to whitelist Joveo as the customer’s programmatic partner
Publisher budgets Customer will also share the budget goals for different publishers. These goals would need to be met as the customer would get discount based on the spends on different publishers.
Publisher benchmarks Customer could also share the benchmarks for certain publishers. These benchmarks could be a result of their use of other vendors. If we are able to meet these benchmarks or beat them, we can get a bigger pie of the budget for that publisher.
Publisher commissions For publishers that we manage behind JAX or even the publishers shared by the customer, we can have commissions deal with the Publishers. These need to be called out and shared with the AdOps team.

Publisher strategy

Initial shortlisting of the publishers are based on the below:
Past performance of the publishers for the similar categories of jobs
Reaching out to the DMA and ask them if can enable FB & Google Ads to meet the customers goals

Margin strategy

Traded margin: If the customer is being managed through MS instance. We need to ensure that the spends and costs after the margins are within the customer goals.
Product margin: We can also make Margins through other Joveo products such as Cookie-less and MOJO Apply. ​Cookie-less: Cookie-less allows us to attribute the Cookie-less applies to our own publisher and hence making money off those applications ​MOJO Apply: Enabling MOJO Apply helps us substantially reduce the CPA and hence we can then add more margin.
Joveo as a source (CG, FB Ads, Google Display and Search, Google for jobs): ​We can also enable CG, FB Ads, Google Ads, and G4J. They enable us to get applies at a substantially lower costs.


Campaign and Job Group segmentation based on the trading and reporting needs of the customer
Job segmentation also depends on how the budget is allocated. It could be allocated based on location, business unit, etc

Application process

We need to check their end-end application process to identify opportunities for MOJO Apply, and Cookie-less tracking.


Most of the client reporting is handled through MOJO Insights. However the client can have certain bespoke requirements on different types of reports.
These requirements need to be shared with the BI team and the required reports need to be setup (if not already)

Growth Opportunities

We need to document the account growth opportunities based on different goals shared by the customer.

Budget transferring

Customer may be willing to transfer their budget from a Publisher or an agency to us if we meet their goal

Adding more business units

Customer may be willing to assign more business units to us if we consistently meet their goals

Adding more publishers

Customer can add more publishers to our publisher mix allowing us to spend more budget

Product upselling

MOJO Go, MOJO Apply, MOJO Insights

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