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All about Joveo

What does Joveo do?

Joveo is an end to end talent sourcing platform
It helps employers to advertise their jobs on multiple publishers and see real time analytics on spends, CPA, and other performance metrics

What is MOJO Pro?

MOJO Pro is Joveo’s programmatic ad distribution platform.
It help users to import their jobs, segment them according to their budget allocations, goal, or by job category or locations, and then publishing these jobs to Joveo’s network of publishers including job boards, Google & FB Ads, Craigslist and so on.
Users can specify bids (CPC & CPA) at a job level and add automations to ensure that they are efficiently optimising their spends. This saves them both Money and Time

Importing jobs in MOJO Pro

Clients can import their jobs by using a Job XML feed.
This feed will then be mapped to different Joveo fields such as Job Title, Job Description, Location, Job URL and so on, which will enable the platform to understand the jobs and enable segmentation, and job ad publishing

Segmenting jobs

Once the feed is mapped, and the client is created in MOJO Pro, users can now segment their jobs into different campaigns and job groups.
This segmentation can be on different basis. For example:
Business units Client can have different budgets for different business units. For ex, Amazon can have different budget for their Prime Video team, and different budget for their AWS team. So it will make sense for Amazon to first segment their jobs into these two different Campaigns so that their budgets can be monitored.
Job category If a client has jobs from multiple categories like Warehouse workers, Drivers, Tele Support, and so on. It will make sense for them to segment these jobs by categories. This will allow the client to choose different publishers for different categories of jobs since the performance of publishers can vary depending on the job category.
Job location Client may also choose to segment jobs from same location together. This will help them to monitor spends on different location and also optimise for niche & local publishers that are available only for select locations.
The client can have other segmentation requirements basis on some other job attributes as well

Selecting publishers

Once the jobs are segmented into different campaigns and job groups, the client would then select publishers for different job groups. These publishers could be selected basis on historical performance for similar job categories or previous benchmarks that the client might have.

Trading strategy

Once the publishers are selected, we need to specify bids for these publishers. These bids depends on:
Client goals such as CPA, CPC
Past performance of the publisher on different bid for a given client or job category


Clients can also create automation rules to automate a major part of their trading strategy. These rules could be like:
If the CPA > $10 for the last 3 days, decrease the CPC bid by 10% (Automating bid strategy to ensure that the CPA goal is met)
Pause all jobs where the spend > $100 (Pausing jobs once their allocated spends are achieved)
Pause all jobs where the spend > $50 AND CPA > $30 (Pausing poor converting jobs to keep the overall clients CPA in check)

Joveo Exchange & JAAS (Joveo as a Source)

When a client signs up for Joveo, they usually have a list of publishers they want to advertise their jobs to. Joveo allow these clients to widen their publishing efforts by using the Joveo’s network of publishers and Joveo as a Source.
This network of publishers is abstracted behind JAX or Joveo Exchange. This allow Joveo to spend more budgets and make more profits when they are able to beat the clients goal.

Other Joveo Products

MOJO Insights MOJO Insights allow Joveo customers to view their performance in real time.
MOJO Go MOJO Go is a user friendly product that allows recruiters to add their jobs themselves and choose the publishers. MOJO Go is without all the technicalities and complexities of MOJO Pro and hence allowing simple users to be able to use MOJO Pro capabilities without having to understand the complexities
MOJO Apply MOJO Apply helps the clients improve their Apply conversions significantly by using mobile optimised MOJO Apply. MOJO Apply only asks the required questions and then complete the other information required in the Job application form by retargeting emails.
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