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Intro to Saagar Gupta

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Welcome to my space! I aim to live every day to the fullest, and this space has a portfolio of projects, hobbies, and shares parts of my professional career. You can get to know my background and highlights throughout the past few decades.
I’ve had the privilege of a life of being surrounded by supportive family, friends, mentors and colleagues. It has spanned my own startups to joining those that have been acquired. This will guide you through my background and experiences both personal and professional.
Here’s an outline of what you can find:
Learn more about what makes “me” me! This includes a special spotlight with experience with chess.
I’ve worked on a few of my own projects - one of which had over 250K users and won Microsoft’s Imagine Cup national title for innovation (in college.)
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After college, my parents gave me a one-way ticket out to San Francisco to find a job in the tech startup space. It worked.
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Since the beginning, my biggest passion is to bring people together. See how I do so, at scale, in my local community.
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