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Product Manager's Drafting Table

Structured tools to keep track of your product management processes
This tool gives product managers structured tools to keep track of their own product management processes. Whether it's talking to customers, keeping track of ideas, prioritizing, or deciding what you should do next, this doc can help.
This doc is best used at the individual scrum team level or for a single project, where the Product Manager is the owner of the doc, but developers and designers have access to see how projects are shaping up.
Hope this can be a useful tool for you!

Different sections to manage your product management process

The gives you a kanban view of the entire PM process from problem validation, to solution validation, to implementation and iteration.
and give you structured inputs for conducting customer interviews or usability tests. It's great to let the rest of your team see this info.
, , and provide templates for recording documentation that you can distribute to the team and other stakeholders.
The provides space to document a user journey through a flow that you are proposing to build. This is a great tool to make sure you account for every piece of development needed to enable a specific flow.
On , there are two different views of the table where you can keep track of small features or epics. The first is focused on when you need a non-scientific prioritization method early on in the problem validation phase. Lastly, there is an embedded diagram to help run a prioritization exercise with stakeholders.
page provides a to keep track of old ideas after you're done reviewing them.
Finally, the section provides a template for actually writing tickets to go into your project management system. The tickets have markdown formatting to easily copy/paste them into Jira.

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