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Customer Interviews

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User Interviews

Prompts for conducting user interviews. You can expand the cell for each user's answer by pressing SHIFT+COMMAND+E while in the cell.
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Screener Questions
Friendly chat (how are you, where do you live, how long have you been at your company)
Give info about looking to improve our service. Want to understand how you work, why you start a flow, how you consume results, and what some of your problems are so we can improve your experience.
What's your position at the company?
Do you have a team that reports to you?
What are the main products you work on?
How long have you been running flows with us?
Problem Questions - Situation
What situation is happening when you decide that you need to run a flow?
How often does this happen? When did this happen last?
What did you do in this situation before?
Does someone else ask you to start a flow or do you decide when you want to?
Problem Questions - Motivation
How do you start a flow with us?
Do you have to do any prep work before that?
What factors go into deciding how you want to build a flow?
What kind of results do you want to receive from a flow?
When do you typically review results? Where are you when you do this?
In what format do you need the results?
What's your process for reviewing results?
What do you do with the results after you've reviewed them?
Problem Questions - Outcome
Can you describe the kinds of decisions you need to make based on the results you get?
Can you give an example of a past change you've made based on results?
Who else needs to be involved in the decisions you make after getting results?
Do you look for trends across multiple months of flows?
Value Prop Questions
If you could have some visibility into the flow you're doing, what would you think about that?
If you and your team could calculate results yourself, would that be of any help?
If you could kick off a flow yourself, would that be valuable to your process?
What kinds of enhancements to the results would be valuable to you?
Results enhancements (specific features)
Anything we missed that you want to talk about?
Will you be a beta tester?
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