Recruiting Capacity Planning Calculator

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Recruiting Capacity Planning Calculator

I’m Rosetta, and I’m a recruiter at Coda. For the last decade, I’ve been helping build teams and grow organizations. Recruiting teams are often faced with lofty goals and moving targets. It’s part of the thrill. But the wait and see approach often puts us in a reactionary role. One important way to ensure we execute on our goals is to take ownership of the discussion through proactive planning of our own capacity.
I created this template to help other recruiting teams be effective business partners. Best yet, you don’t have to be a leadership role to engage in these discussions. With this template, you will be able to use data to set realistic expectations, set metrics for success, and drive strategic recruiting initiatives.

What is Capacity Planning?
In the simplest terms, capacity planning is the process of determining the capacity needed to meet future demands. For recruiting teams, it's about understanding how many roles they can effectively fill over a given time period, considering the resources available. It involves assessing both current capabilities and anticipating future needs. By identifying any gaps or bottlenecks, teams can strategically allocate resources, streamline processes, and set realistic expectations for stakeholders.

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Why is Capacity Planning Vital for Recruiting Teams?

Resource Optimization: Recruiting is a resource-intensive task, often requiring coordination among several team members and external entities. By understanding capacity, teams can ensure they're making the most of available resources without overextending.
Realistic Goal Setting: Without a clear sense of capacity, it's easy for teams to either under-commit or overcommit. Capacity planning offers clarity, ensuring that goals are both ambitious and achievable.
Stakeholder Communication: For any organization, managing expectations is crucial. When internal teams and departments have a clear understanding of what the recruiting team can deliver, it fosters trust and smoother collaborations.
Proactive Problem Solving: By regularly assessing capacity, recruiting teams can identify potential issues before they become critical problems. This proactive approach allows for timely interventions and process improvements.

How Can This Template Help?

There are many ways to do Recruiting Capacity planning. This template gives two ways that you can choose from based on your needs.

How many hires are possible if you know the output per recruiter.

What do I need at the top of my funnel (resumes, recruiter calls) based on my estimated passthrough rates across my funnel.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be able to walk away with:

Visualization: You’ll have a clear visual representation of current capacity versus demand, making it easier to see where adjustments are needed.
Standardization: With every team member working from the same template, it ensures consistency and clarity across the recruiting process.
Data-Driven Decisions: The template is structured to capture relevant data, offering insights that drive informed decisions and strategies as you work with your hiring teams.
Efficiency: Built with best practices in mind, our template streamlines the capacity planning process, reducing the time and effort required to get an accurate picture of recruiting potential.


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