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The Cult & The Coven

Everything you need to know about TCTC, Witchez, and the Dark Wheel Demons


The Cult & The Coven (TCTC) is an interactive, collaborative, story-driven game on the Tezos blockchain where players take part in a battle between two factions: the forces of humanity (Witchez) or the agents of destruction (The Order of the Dark Wheel’s Demons).
It is a single play-through RPG experience, where character tokens that influence the game the most will be canonized in the lore as well as brought into profit-sharing for any future IP that uses said characters. The idea is to reward those who help co-create the plot points and ultimately, the outcome of the war with the creator, writer and artist .
Players make strategic choices about which enemies to attack in order to win the materials needed for crafting stronger spells, weapons, and ultimately, for summoning the seven 1/1 gods on each faction’s side.
Every battle and resource will count, as the factions will race to unlock achievements and be the first to summon all seven of their gods to win the game. These narrative milestones not only will unlock airdropped rewards to players, but also immortalize them as the story’s canon lore.
Whether fielding an entire team of demons, or fighting as a solitary witch, every player has the opportunity to affect the outcome of the story. It will take coordination between factions to come out on top, but beware of those crafting false treaties as double-agents.
TCTC is slated for a release in late Q3/Q4 2023, and is proudly built on the Tezos blockchain.

The Story So Far..

After enslaving Lilith the first Witch, the Order of the Dark Wheel has stepped out from the shadows to bring about the end of the world. They are seeking to summon the Seven Who Feed- malevolent god-like demons that will bring about the end of all existence by fulfilling a prophesied event known only as The Doom.
The balance of the universe has been upset. With more and more portals to the Abyssal Void opening, and the forces of evil growing stronger, the only hope for the earth is to find the strength to drive the demons back into their own bleak dimension.
Enter the Witchez, powerful enchantresses who serve the primal gods of the planet known as the Seven Creators, and can wield the ancient magiks of the world. These powerful women have long been misunderstood and persecuted by society yet still are willing to fight for life itself.
Will you side with the Order, using demons to summon the Seven Who Feed and bring about The Doom? Or will you fight as part of the Coven to free Lilith, summon the Seven Creators, and close the link to the Abyssal Void forever?

The Factions


Witch 260
The Witchez are superpowered humans who have been summoned by the Harbinger, the Witch Out of Time, in a final sacrifice to stop the prophecy of The Doom. They are women who society at large has feared, outcast, or otherwise taken for granted, yet have the rare ability to control mana, the essence of magik. These sorceresses may or may not know they are witchez, but their summoning sigils have been activated, and the full moon will reveal to them their true form.
Witchez are mintable for 13 xtz each at , or purchasable on secondary at . Each Witch starts with a power level of 1, and a base combat power of 7. Rarer Witchez may also come with their own familiar which gives a +5 to combat power. Even rarer still, a Witch may have sacrificed a part of her soul for more power to become hexed. A hex trait grants +13 to combat power.
The rare hexed witch with a familiar has a combat power of 25, which are only second to the 6 Ultra Rare (1:1,110 chance) which have a base combat power of 35.
One of the ultra-rare Supreme Witchez
Witchez also generate mana when activated, and only revealed Witchez can be activated. Activated Witchez create 50 mana per day.
Witchez will be looking to summon Aspects of the Seven Creators, mythical god-like beings who will lend their power to free Lilith and grant her the power needed to close the gates to the Abyssal Void forever.

The Dark Wheel Demonz

WIP Demon
The Dark Wheel Demons are malevolent monstrosities that draw their power from seven different aspects (Flesh, Blood, Darkness, Madness, Bone, Rot, and Pain). These creatures thrive on chaos and seek to devour all life in the universe. Trapped by cosmic forces in an alternate dimension known as the Abyssal Void, these demons are being unleashed by the cult known as the Order of the Dark Wheel.
Demons are mintable for 13 xtz at or on secondary at . Because of their allegiance to chaos, each demon will fall into one of four power level ranges — Creeper, Nightmare, Terror, and Catastrophe, and will randomly be assigned a combat power within its power level range.
Activated Demons harvest souls from poor humans, and only revealed Demons will be able to harvest souls to use for their nefarious purposes.
Demons will be attempting to summon the Seven Who Feed, hyper-powerful evil demonz that rule the Abyssal Void and are the source of all demonic power. If all Seven are summoned to this plane, the power balance will tip forever and The Doom, whatever it is, will be triggered, ending all non-demonic life in the universe.

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