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Art Contest 1 - Items

Congrats to the Winners!! 1st place: Potion of Doom + Bloom 2nd place: The Cursed Mirror 3rd place: The triple blades 4th place: Synesthesia Potion Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!! <3
Voting closes at 11:59pm Pacific Time, Friday, August 19th.
Please review the following four entries into the lore contest, and then: (VOTING NOW CLOSED)
Name of entries are bolded, lore (crafted by the artists) comes after the photo. The Cursed Mirror
A bewitched mirror set in stone that grants the user any request they desire. To use the mirror, the blood of a pig's heart must be spilt on a stone altar using an obsidian blade dagger. It is said, that the mirror extracts a part of your soul with each wish, so use it sparingly.

Potion: Vial of Bloom & Doom
Concocted from Witch blood and Demon bile, this powerful Potion can be used on either an ally or enemy. When bestowed on an ally, their Combat Strength will Bloom +30%. When inflicted on an enemy, it will Doom their Combat Strength -30%.

Synesthesia Potion
syn potion.PNG
Sometimes it isn't enough to
be able to hear the noises
around you in the forest at night.
Sometimes you need to see the noises too. Taste them.
Feel them

The triple goddess, amulet, and crescent moon daggers, a gift from The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone.
Three separate weapons, that alone are weak, but if found and put together are strong.
In 1669 in north Wales the triple goddess amulet and crescent moon daggers were created, and it was said that they bestowed the ability upon the one who holds all 3 to lower the strength and power of their enemies, and feed on the soul of anyone it kills.
It is said that the 3 items power comes from the everlasting pain of who is known as the eternal griever, whose soul was split in 3 and entrapped into the items. When the items are apart the soul is allowed to sleep, but when the items are brought together the power of the pain, anguish, hatred, and eternal sorrow are brought forth.
To fully understand the power of the 3 weapons we must look back to how the weapons were conceived.
The story starts with Thomas Wogan born 1620. At the age of 40 he was charged with the regicide of King Charles I. After turning himself in 1660, spent four years in prison, then escaped prison in 1664. He fled to the surrounding areas of Europe and continually tried to raise more people to gather with him and being down the corrupt English empire.
In December 1666 Thomas went looking for a witch, as he was looking for someone to make him a frog bone charm bag, which allows the wearer's horses to understand their commands. Upon arriving in the town of Cornwall he was issued to go see Glanna, in the center of town. Upon meeting her he was smitten and instantly fell for her, and her for him. In the following months they had married under the full moon as her covin had done for generations, the marriage was never recorded outside the covin, as Thomas was still a wanted man.
In 1669, Thomas was still plotting to take down the English government, but was running low on funds. Also as it was taking him so long to gather a force of like minded people, over the years, sickness, age, reason, families, prision, etc, had come over many of his peers and he needed to gather more troops.
As he was still known and wanted, he sent his wife Glanna to Wiston, to speak with his long time friend Robert Werden, who had taken over his lands when he was jailed. Robert was a long time friend of the cause and always wanted nothing more than to take down the corrupt English Government.
When Glanna arrived and spoke with Robert he had agreed, and asked her of the well being of his long time friend. He had told her he didn't have people to lend, but could afford to offer plenty of coins to help Thomas's endeavors, and to see his family in Pembrokeshire, the town they had both gone up in, and they would give him the coin.
When Glanna arrived in Pembrokeshire, she was greeted by an escort of guards. They had arrested her for aiding and abetting a known criminal. When she would not tell them the location of Thomas they began to torture her for the information. For days the torture went on until she had passed. The local authority in Pembrokeshire had hung her body from a post on the road into town warning of anyone who goes against the king.
Word had traveled back to Thomas that his long time friend Robert has betrayed him and that his wife was tortured and killed for his unwinable quest to take down the government.
Glanna’s covin went to Thomases house and asked Thomas if he would like to come to their send off ceremony for they're beloved covin member, where they would pass her soul off to the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Thomas agreed and during the waxing moon that month, they had the ceremony.
When the ceremony was complete, Thomas was still so distressed, distributed, and distraught, by what had happened, and what he had blamed himself for, he asked the covin to curse Robert. They had informed him it was not that easy, but if he wanted they would end Robert's life, and Thomas would feel all the pain inflicted upon Robert and In turn feed on Robert's soul so he would never feel the embrace of the three mothers.
Thomas agreed, and the covin told him to return to them on the next full moon as they prepared. When he returned they had him lay on the altar, and each member of the covin took turns blowing smoke from a small copper dish into Thomas's mouth, and performing a ceremony with him as the centerpiece, then as the moon hit its highest point in the night sky, directly above Thomas, he began saying that he saw the 3 mother's, and they were one, and they were so beautiful. Then he began to cry uncontrollably, and the covin leader asked what he was seeing and, and he stated he was seeing the entire torture of his wife, over and over again, with Robert being there as the main interrogator, apparently looking to gain the hefty reward on Thomas’ head.
Thomas continues to weep, and whale, and all the women of the covin begin to chant to the three, The covin leader pulled 3 clay objects from her waistband and lay them next to Thomas. She then pulled a ceremonial dagger from her waistband as well, and slit open Thomas's chest, and inserted the clay amulet. Thomas did not seem to notice at all, and the amulet began to glow a light green. Then she inserted the clay waxing moon dagger under Thomases left armpit, pushing it down so the blade tip excited the side of his belly. Then she inserted the clay waning moon blade info into his right armpit and exited the side of his belly. At that moment Thomas began to chant with the witches, as if in a trance state.
The covin leader waved at one of the other girls in the covin and they both stood on the left and right side of Thomas, then pushed the blades that were sticking out in toward the amulet until they all touched. A brilliant red light came spewing from Thomas' body and in that instant, his mortal shell died, and passed his spirit, split into 3 into the 3 items in his body.
4 Months later on the full moon, Robert, and his entire lineage were flayed.
The three items were hidden away by the witches of the coven but lost during the witch trial of Mary Clarkson, who was the guardian of the weapons, in Cornwall 1676. It is believed the inquisitor of period found the weapons and used them to further find and torture witches with them during the time, but have been lost sense the 1700s.

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