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Last update: Nov 06, 2022

Note: I’ll do my best updating this here, but realistically, if you want all the latest and greatest updates on The Cult & The Coven Tezos blockchain gaming experience, I suggest you join the , who is one of the producing partners of the game.

Witchez Arrive

In late Fall of 2021, the Witchez began to mint for 13 xtz at .
Witch #540 — Millitia the Hive Queen
Witchez is the first NFT collection by the , and the first generative collection by artist . A collection of 6,660 witchez, the collection is made up of over 140 traits, including the super rare Hex trait class and a total of 6 ultra-rares with unique traits.
In terms of The Cult & The Coven (TCTC) blockchain game, the Witchez represent the forces of good trying to save the world. Even though they’re misunderstood and often scorned, these powerful women have heeded the to stop the prophecy of the Doom — an extinction-level event foretold to be brought about by the malevolent cult known as the .
Witchez can still be minted by visiting , and we have monthly reveal parties (when your freshly minted witchez get revealed) every full moon.

Staking and Mana Farming

In early January we released the staking of your Witchez. By using the manager functions at the Witchez homepage, you’re able to add your Witchez tokens to our game contract in order to start receiving mana at a rate of 50 mana per day per witch by “activating” them.
The Witch Manager
Also, to be clear, activated witchez won’t show up in your wallet, but at any point you can move your Witch from “Active” to “Available” to get them back. Unrevealed witchez cannot be activated, so every full moon you wait (see reveal parties above) you’re losing a month worth of mana farming.
Also, even if you want to play the Demon faction, you’ll want to farm mana now. More on this later.

Witch Naming

In February we launched the ability to use the Witch Manager to name your witchez.
Naming costs 50 mana, but renaming costs 6000 (or 120 days worth of mana- oh my!) so choose your name carefully, especially if you’re looking to resell.
For all future lore inclusions by players, the names of the Witchez will be used.
The interface for naming (and renaming) your witch.

Lore + Art Contests (Spring 2022)

Very soon (as of writing this), we’ll be kicking off some lore and art contests. We’re looking to build out the world of the Witchez and the Order of the Dark Wheel, and we want to build it alongside all of you.
From the backstories behind your witch (what was she doing before she was summoned to fight demons?) to the stories behind your Coven strike force, to items to include in the game, we want to give you all plenty of opportunities to build out a bigger world than what Rick could create on his own.
Meanwhile, you can always hop into Rick’s to give input as he creates and paints demon traits in real-time for the next faction.

Witchez Traded for Demon Mints (Fall 2022)

We mentioned earlier that even if you want to play the demons in TCTC, you’ll want to mint Witchez.
Witchez NFTs have more utility than just being game tokens. They also serve as trade tokens for all future TCTC collections. Yes, you are correct in that we’re not stopping with the generative demon collection. We’re committing to bringing you at minimum, a third faction. What is it? I’m still staying quiet, but there’s a hint on the roadmap image above..
The trading will happen in three phases: trade-ins, auctions, and burning/rebirth.
During the Trade-In phase, collectors will be able to send in their Witchez for a mint token for the upcoming collection in a 1:1 basis. Basically, if you have a Witch you don’t want anymore, you can trade it in for a demon mint. Think of each witch as a re-roll opportunity for every new collection. Additionally, during this phase you’ll be able to convert mana into the currency of your choice (each faction will have its own currency — demons use souls, the third faction will use blood). This is the only time you’ll be able to convert currency (otherwise you’ll just have to farm your new currency or purchase/trade for more down the line).
During the Auction phase, all of the witchez traded in will be put up for auction, with the proceeds going towards funding more community events, giveaways, our female-NFT artist incubator, and other rad initiatives.
Depending on the number of witchez left unsold, two things might happen in the next phase, the Burning/Rebirth phase.
Option 1: If many (probably >100–200) witchez are still unsold and left unwanted, then these will be burned. These heroes who have been cast out yet again and ostracized even though they’re trying to save the world will band together and create their own, separate faction of Burned Witchez.
These witchez will lean heavily on the fire magic that they mastered in order to survive being burnt at the stake, and will enter the game as a future collection.
Option 2: If few witchez are burned (a manageable amount to completely rework in a few weeks), then these witchez will embrace their anger towards the humans who spurned them and side with the demons, becoming Demonic Witchez.
Demonic Witchez will be inserted into the demon faction and will be much more powerful due to them embracing demonic magic on top of their own magic gained from the earth. These Demonic Witchez are still witchez deep down, however, and there is a chance they might auto-fail a battle if their conscious manages to surface.
Regardless of what option gets triggered, the original witch tokens will be burned, serving to parse down the original collection.
Could, conceivably, the entire demon collection be collected via trade-ins before it even gets to presale?
Yes it could.
A WIP for the generative demons at the Creeper level.

Hierophant Presale (Winter 2022)

Hierophants is the new title given to the amazing community members and collectors who make the TCTC world go-round.
Currently the requirements are OG supporters of Rick’s art, and those who hold 13+ Witchez. Please note that as more and more collections are dropped, the requirement to join the Hierophant status will increase.
Current Hierophants will be locked in, as long as they maintain the minimum number of tokens held when they’re first qualified for the role.
Hierophants will have first dibs at snatching up the demon faction at a max of 10 demon tokens/wallet.
The demon generative collection will be limited to ~60% of the number of witchez, so is likely to drop at 4000 tokens, including any Demonic Witchez that might be added.

Holder Presale (Winter 2022)

All Witchez token holders, as well as holders of the OG will be greenlit to mint up to 5 demon tokens/wallets
We’ll also be greenlighting wallets through Discord/Twitter/community giveaways for minting up to 3 demons/wallet.

Public Sale? (Winter 2022)

Assuming there are any demons left after trading and presales, we’ll open up public sale with no mint caps per wallet. Go crazy, y’all.

Game Launch (Q1/Q2 2023)

We’re looking to go live very shortly after the public sale of demons.

Players Added to Lore via NFTs (2023)

As the game progresses, players will be battling members of the other faction in order to earn loot. Most drops will be materials and recipes in order to power up your characters through weapons, artifacts, spells, and familiars.
There will be opportunities for being included in the lore via lore NFTs as well as being immortalized in-game by having things named after your characters if you’re the first to mint certain weapons, assembled arcane relics, or cast specific spells. All actions

Battles for 1/1 Minting (2023)

The main game progression will occur as God Summoning Ritual are found through battles. These epic spell recipes will be uncommon, but the materials required to cast them will be rare and difficult to come by.
Each faction has seven gods they are trying to summon, and the first faction to summon them all will be declared the winner, earning drops for holders of the entire faction.
Every time a God Summoning Ritual is completed, the player who initiated the spell will get to choose which of the unsummoned gods from their faction they’d like to summon and will be rewarded with a 1/1 NFT.

Phase 2 (???)

Phase 2 will trigger as the seventh God Summoning Ritual is completed, and the current iteration of the game comes to a close.
What Phase 2 looks like is still uncertain. But two things are for sure:
There will be a third collection.
There will be blood 🩸
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