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Managing Your Team(s)

The Witchez manager allows you to activate your Witchez to farm mana, name and rename them, as well as see your Witchez’s stats for The Cult & The Coven.

Activating Your Witch

To activate your witch, you must first a)have a revealed Witch, and b) have your wallet connected to Witchez.xyz.
If you don’t have a revealed witch yet, visit to learn how to get one.
Once you’ve got your revealed witch, you can either select the witch you’d like to activate and either drag and drop into the “Active Witchez” field, or click on the “Activate button.”
**Please note that you’ll also have to finalize the transaction on-chain and authorize it through your wallet. While this technically removes your witch from your wallet and adds it to the game contract, at any time you can go to an Active Witch and click “Deactivate” to send it back to your wallet.
Once your Witch is active, you’ll see the mana icon
and the numbers slowly starting to go up. Each witch will passively generate 50 mana per 24 hrs.
You can actively move this mana into your wallet by clicking “Harvest” in the upper right corner, or any time you activate, deactivate, name, or rename a witch, you’ll automatically harvest the mana to your wallet.

Naming Your Witch

Once your Witch is activated, you’ll be able to name your Witch for the cost of 50 mana by mousing over your witch and clicking the “Manage” button. There, you’ll see a large card of your witch and her stats, and the ability to “Name” your witch.
Name your witch carefully, as re-naming a Witch is quite expensive (6,000 mana).
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