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August 2022

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that realistically we’re almost done with Summer, and we still have a lot of work to do with the game. The Great Motherboard Crash of summer set things back a few weeks, and the fact that I was trying to go on as long as I did with a barely surviving system prior to its burnout was honestly really killing my urge to work on the demon traits. I still have a lot of side Tezos projects I’m interested in, but now that I’m able to stream demon trait painting again, I feel like things are way more on track and we’re moving along now. We’re a small team of three (artist/writer, front end dev, smart contract dev), and sadly none of us are able to do this full-time, and most of this is everyone waiting on me (Rick) to get the artwork done and all the lore for the game written. So I’m grateful no one has been pounding on my door with “Wen?” memes, and I know I’m a few months behind schedule, but I’m not willing to let this die, so I’m kindling things back up and hope to get this back on track and steam billowing again. Thanks for your patience (even if it’s been unwilling), and I’ve updated the with more realistic seasons and timeframes. I’ll be happy if we can get the game and Demons dropped in time by the winter holiday season. Fingers crossed!!

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