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5. Maintaining membership momentum

Session Objective

Success like Black Ballad and Zetland’s comes down to building a strong community among your members. Newsrooms build those through memberful routines: workflows that connect audience members to the journalism and the journalists producing it on a consistent basis.
This session begins with a brief overview of how to develop memberful routines that match your newsroom needs and the motivations of your members. It then moves into breakouts to discuss the Week 4 homework.
The second half of the class features a panel discussion with Cityside’s Lance Knobel, El Diario’s María Ramirez, and News Revenue Hub’s Graham Watson-Ringo on what it takes to keep a membership program thriving after the first few years.


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Resources mentioned in this session:

| The Membership Guide
Stuck on the intersection point between your needs and audience member motivations? Here’s a .
| The Membership Guide
Includes a folder of membership-oriented job descriptions
Find their presentation on this from ONA20 in slides 23-29.

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