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1. Retention

Session Objective

If you have to choose whether to devote your limited resources to growing your membership program or retaining your existing members, focus on retaining your existing members. It is less time intensive, less costly, and leads to more invested members.
Retaining your members comes down to:
Consistently delivering value in your core service
Consistently delivering value in your membership program
Providing opportunities for deeper involvement
Showing gratitude
Putting in place smart tech defaults and customer service that prevent easily avoidable member losses

This session walks through each of those pillars of retention, and also provides students with an overview of retention metrics. It concludes with a presentation and Q&A with South Africa’s on how the approach retention in their newsroom.


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Resources mentioned in this session:

| The Membership Guide
| The Membership Guide
| Ariel Zirulnick and Lizzy Hazeltine for API

Additional Resources

| The Membership Guide (Zetland joins Session 4 to speak about this later in the course)
| The Membership Guide

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