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3. Adopting a product mindset

Session Objective

There is no . Membership takes time, experimentation, and iteration to get right – and even the “right” answer will change over time as your member base changes. Learning the basics of product thinking will make it easier for your organization to experiment and iterate quickly, efficiently, flexibly, and decisively.
A product can be anything a news organization creates to solve a problem or meet a need. An effective product serves a well-defined audience, and is often pegged to a specific way of earning revenue. Your membership program is a product – but that doesn’t mean you need a product manager for your membership program to be successful. Even with testing and learning from potential members will massively help your nascent membership efforts – and that’s what today’s session seeks to impart.
This session provides a brief overview of each step of the product development process, with membership-specific examples of each stage:
Setting goals
Building a roadmap
Testing your ideas and designing an MVP
Conducting a retrospective


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Resources mentioned in this session:

| The Membership Guide
Jump to with real-life examples from Mediacités
| The Membership Guide
| Membership Puzzle Project
| The Membership Guide

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