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Welcome to Renaissance Explorers

Renaissance Explorers was created inside the SEEDS Ecosystem in June 2021 with the intent to distribute the wisdom and knowledge contained in the SEEDS Game Guide. Since then we’ve evolved the structure of how we co-create and self-organize and have settled on a multi-layered that’s using consent-based decision making, elections & self-organizing principles inspired from Holacracy & Sociocracy.
Our purpose is fluid and evolving, with our current one being
Facilitating the co-creation of regenerative governance and economic systems in SEEDS
We’re holding up to on a weekly basis.
We’re also facilitating the work of and .
Last, but not least we’re - both through the practice of Art Scribing and creating dedicated art pieces for particular topics inside SEEDS.
If you’d like to become a member read how to do that in the page.
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