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Three Spaces

Renaissance Explorers is consistently holding between two and four weekly spaces for co-learning inside the SEEDS Ecosystem. You can see the current list of events in the .
You can also find a list of all the past recordings on or .

Inner Space

The Renaissance Explorers "Inner Space" purpose is to consciously explore infinite possibilities, connect our abilities in service to the Regenerative Renaissance and bring coherence to SEEDS through opening ourselves up to what wants to emerge. It’s the field of the unknown. We’re usually holding IS Mondays at 14:00 UTC.

Outer Space

"Outer Space" explorers journey throughout the deepest depths of the SEEDS designs - regenerative organizing, governance, finance and economics. We explore, experiment-with, model, craft and redesign the existing tools to best suite the needs of the Regenerative Renaissance and the SEEDS Ecosystem. We’re usually holding OS Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC.
You can find the updated List of topics for Outer Space in the which you can join from this .


A space focused on decentralizing knowledge & wisdom by consciously co-creating our New Story through accessible, joyful and inspiring pieces. We’ve paused the storytelling collective spaces for the moment.
You can find more about these three spaces in the .
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