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Funding Contributions

As part of our successful Co-op proposal that passed in June 2021, we’re providing a couple of ways for members of Renaissance Explorers to be remunerated in Seeds. Mainly Basic Income and #re-111.

Basic Income

Each member who participates in Inner, Outer and Storytelling sessions that take place each week is eligible to receive §3333 of Basic Income for a lunar cycle. In order to receive these funds they must have been welcomed as and fill out the for the month.
The complete list of the funds being used from the Co-op Campaign for the RE Basic Income can be found in the .


#re-111 is a fund that we’ve set up in order to support the grassroots evolution of the SEEDS Ecosystem. Through it every member of Renaissance Explorers is eligible to receive up to §5550 per lunar cycle in exchange to whatever contribution he feels like he wants to contribute to the SEEDS Ecosystem. The only requirement is to post his contribution to the designated #re-111 channel (that’s visible only to members of RE) in the SEEDS Discord and for 3 other members approve his contribution by upvoting.
All the approved and paid contributions are visible .

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