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Automate the $*%! out of user research so it's not painful — and actually happens
Do research

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2. Interview

See upcoming interviews and take notes for each
Before the interview: invite your teammates to interviews. It keeps the team connected to the user (and, it’s helpful to have one person take notes while the other interviews)
During the interview: Click the canvas icon under “interview notes” to add notes.
After: Everyone who attended goes to to add their independent reflections while they’re fresh

See all projects’ upcoming events
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Open LinkedIn
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Interview Notes
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Interview Guide

Based on your goals in , create a brief interview guide. A skeleton script below
Can we please record?
(3 mins) Introduction: who I am, goals
(10 mins) Problems
If you had a magic wand, what would be the three things you’d change?
(15 mins) Go through experience and screen share
(2 mins) Close

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