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Value chain template: The 3 steps to unlock value for our customers

What is a value chain?

A value chain is a set of activities that a company executes to create value for its customers. created this framework for companies to visualize all of their business activities and see how they are all connected. By analyzing your startup’s value chain, you can see how to maximize profits and eliminate costs to add value to your startup. You can read more about the value chain in Michael Porter’s .
Use this Value Chain template

How to use this value chain template

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Write sub activities for each primary and support activity in the value chain
Identify the links between all the different activities
Write ways to optimize activities to create value
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Value chain diagram

The value chain is broken out into two sets of systems and activities: Primary and Support Activities. This template will walks you through the steps for filling out your own value chain for your startup. The focus should be on your customers rather than specific departments or groups at your startup. Read more about each primary and support activity in or visit the .


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