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Intuitive eating

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This doc helps to switch to intuitive eating


When to eat?
The only criteria to start and stop eating - . Not when you're worrying, bored, sad or tired
What to eat?
There's no good/bad/healthy/unhealthy... food. There is food I want right now and other food. Don't eat food that you don't want to eat now
Your body will take care of itself better without you. You should provide environment with food choices and switch focus to improving other life areas


Start to pay attention to your emotions and feelings
? - eat
negative emotions? - find ways to calm, distract or encourage yourself without food
tired or getting ill? - give yourself rest, rather than grab food or medicine to continue "running"
Start to organise environment with food choices at any time
plan where you could eat, always take several snacks with you
get used to eat when you want, even during an important meeting
learn to eat without hurry, to notice the taste and flavour of food
for 10 days for mastering 1. and 2.
forbidden products
Enjoy your life. In the background, expand your collection of tastes by trying something new regularly
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