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The Essential Financial Questions

Before one can prepare a financial plan, it is important to know what the money is for, because in the end it is not about the money, but about the things you can do with the money.

(Death and Disability - Life Insurance)
We do not like to think about our own mortality, but that is the one sure thing that we will all go through. Better to face it financially prepared for the sake of your loved ones.
(Retirement Funding)
This is the problem of our time. Not only has companies done away with defined benefit pensions, and replaced it with defined contribution funds, they have reduced what they pay into these funds, and now CoVid19 has struck as well.
(Retirement Funding - Unemployment Savings)
We live in uncertain times, where one has to assume that you will be without a job for some time sooner or later.
(Medical, Death and Disability - Dread Disease, Unemployment Savings)
Illness can affect you for a day or two, or the rest of your life. And everything in between. It can also be extremely expensive. Make sure that you have a plan in place.

Sundry other topics - To be continued
Protecting assets - short-term asset insurance
Living will/ Last will and Testament
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