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Financial Planning

We want to show that Financial Planning and Investment is not necessarily a complicated topic. Yes, it can become extremely complicated, but it does not have to be. In the lists below, we will give you a number of topics that needs to be covered in any financial plan.
Our aim is not to act as your financial planner or advisor, but to equip you with information so that you can better interact with them.

Suggested Reading List
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Robert Kiyosaki
By now a fairly old book, but the information is timeless. It deals with the different ways that rich people and poor people think about money. Words and thoughts have meaning, and shape our lives.
Cashflow Quadrant
Robert Kiyosaki
In this book Kiyosaki introduces his Cashflow Quadrant. It shows the different sources from where one can derive cash, either Employed, Self-employed, as a Business Owner and/or an Investor. None of the first three is inherently better than the other two, but be aware of where you are, and whether it suits your personality and ambition the best. I believe that the fourth is important for each and every individual - because that is also where we prepare for our retirement. You don’t have to become a Wall Street Trader, but it is important to educate yourself as much as possible in this area.
The Total Money Makeover
Dave Ramsay
Thinking in Systems - A Primer
Donella H Meadows
Essential for living in the modern world. Most people tend to perceive the world through events. But the world does not consist of random events, but rather of interrelated processes. This book will give you some tools to better understand the world we live in, and allow us to build better models of it, so that we can understand better how to influence it.
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