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Coaching Toolkit

Client Space

"The future starts when you wake up every morning. Every day, find something creative to do with your life" - Miles Davis
Initial setup
1️⃣ STEP 1 - Fill-in the and answer the questions of that section
2️⃣ STEP 2 - Think about the concrete goals to be achieved and add them to the table in the section
3️⃣ STEP 3 - Think about the objective of the first session and visit () to share the info with your coach
4️⃣ STEP 4 - Visit the section of the "habits" folder. You and your coach will discuss habit building during the coaching sessions.
On an ongoing basis:
Go to to review and evaluate the sessions as well as to check the feedback of your coach
Go to , a central place to follow up on your commitments and to update your progress
Go to to install new positive practices that support you in achieving your goals

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