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Build solid habits or rituals
This paper is based on the by Robin Sharma. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology by Phillippa Lally and her team found that it took 66 days to form a new habit.
According to Robin Sharma, we form new habits in 3 stages of 22 days each.
1 - 22
The first step is to break the old habit. If you don't implement a new habit, it's because you're doing something else instead!
23 - 44
Once the old habit is destroyed, there is a kind of chaos, a loss of bearings, a confusion during which it is important to stay the course to create a solid structure
45 - 66
During this phase, the new habit takes its place more and more naturally in daily life.
Installed !
It has now become difficult to stop this new habit!
There are no rows in this table
It may seem like a long process, but having experienced it myself, I can assure you that even though it's hard, it works.
For the first 22 days, it's a boxing match between your old habits and your new ones - and one of the things that is on your side is your willpower.
You'll probably want to give up. But if you focus on the 66+ day limit, and how that will feel inside you, 66 days is not long compared to a lifetime of positive habits.
Soon you will be unstoppable 💪.
Quick start

1️⃣ Take a look at the different "habits" sections
2️⃣ Click button to clear examples →
Clear Habits
3️⃣ Go to and add your habits
4️⃣ Every day you make a habit, click on the "Done" button. If you miss a single day, click on the "Restart" button.
5️⃣ Once a habit is complete, it will disappear from the page (and reappear the day after) so you can focus on the incomplete habits.
The "Restarts" column will count how many times you have restarted. This may motivate you to keep this line as low as possible.
Note: You will only be able to click the "Done" or "Restart" button once a day, once you click it, it will be disabled for the day.

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