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Coaching Toolkit

Coach space

"If you are the most important person in the room, it might be that you should take a reality check" - Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff
Instructions for use
Initial setup - for the coach

Once you have copied this doc, you can start setting it up.
1️⃣ STEP 1 - Setup the toolkit for your own use
connect your google account
connect your scheduling platform

2️⃣ STEP 2 - Setup your toolkit for a specific client
complete the section for clarity purpose
go to and change the filter in such a way your calendar shows the appropriate calendar appointments with your client
share your copied document with your client
add your client’s details to the page

3️⃣ STEP 3 - Invite your client to fill-in the and sections and answer the questions
4️⃣ STEP 4 - Visit the section in your space
On an ongoing basis
Schedule regular sessions with your client
Add to the client space according to his needs
Prepare and review your coaching sessions with the help of the
Help your client not only design next actions, but adopt new in a sustainable way

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