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Coaching Toolkit

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The tools, templates, and rituals you need to coach your clients, including between the sessions


Welcome to the Coaching Toolkit. This tool gives the coach and her client a simple yet powerful platform to support the coaching process including between sessions.
The Coaching toolkit has two users: the coach and the client. Each user will need to go through a separate setup process. We’ll see that shortly. But first...

Why this toolkit ?

As I was coaching my clients, I realized that I had a few challenges :
I was taking notes here and there. Sometimes it was difficult to remind what my client had said in some previous sessions
What happens in coaching session is sometimes magic, but often the momentum decreases in between the sessions. How could I help my clients sustain that momentum ?
Scheduling was way too much time consuming. While I was busy trying to find available time for me and my client at the same time, I was not coaching. I was not producing value.
It was common for me to suggest assignments to my client. Where was this tool or framework again ? Again, I was loosing time and focus: looking for the specific tool, sending an email… if only all these tasks could be automated !
I tried several coaching platforms, but none help me to do these simple tasks easily. So I decided to build my own tool. And here we are.

How to get your copy ?

If you haven’t already, get your toolkit by clicking on the button below. This will make a copy of this doc in your own space, for as many uses as you want. You’ll need one doc per client. So once your have copied this document in your own space, make as many copies you have clients.
Once this is done, share the copied doc with your client.


The features of this toolkit in a nutshell:
Clarify the framework for a coaching partnership with your client (client vision, goals and terms and conditions for the coaching).
You and your client can log all sessions in a structured way. Using this tool, you have a support to decide what to focus on, take notes, log commitments and have the client assess the value of each session.
Track commitments in between sessions. All commitments are gathered in one central list that can be consulted by the coach and the client at any time.
Preparing for each session. Reviewing the notes taken, updating the commitments and replying a few questions, the coach and the client can focus on the session as soon as the session begins.
A list of ressources that the coach can propose to the client, according to his needs.
A habit building section to support the client in installing new habits in a sustainable way.

Next steps

➡️ As the coach, visit

➡️ As the client, go to

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