Keeping Control over iPad

iPad in Education
So, your child’s school has deployed and
iPad Learning Program
and you are now faced with questions such as:

Will I have a say on what my child can do on this device?
What if I don’t want them playing games at certain times?
What if I feel it can become an excuse for actually not doing school work?
What if I feel I need to access the device and review its content?

You may even have more questions but they certainly all come down to the same matter:

As a parent, how do I keep control over this mobile device in our home?

As an Education Partner, Paoma strives to help your child’s school succeed with Technology in Learning Environments and we understand that
are part of this journey. A key contributing factor to this success is giving you the
Power to Decide
how this device should be used outside of school.

Mobile Device Management [MDM]
The rise of Mobile Phones and Tablets comes with Remote Management challenges which our industry is solving with a technology called
Mobile Device Management

Essentially, MDM’s work as follow:
The School sets up an online management tool: the actual MDM platform.
Devices - such as iPad - used in the School’s digital learning program are enrolled in this platform by loading a profile on them before they are handed out to students.
As long as the device is connected to the Internet, remote control and management is possible along the following lines:
Systems Settings
can be applied to keep devices consistent across the school
System Restrictions
can be enabled or disabled according to policies
Apps can be Deployed Remotely
by the school without an active App Store account on the device
Apps can be Enabled orDisabled
on demand or on a scheduled basis

The MDM used by your child’s school is called
JAMF School

Everything happens remotely over the Internet and no personal content can be accessed:
is kept at all times.

How does that help Parents?
Surely this sounds useful but how can you, as a Parent, leverage this as a
Parenting Tool

The answer to this question lies in a parent-dedicated tool - called
JAMF Parent
- allowing you to manage your child’s device on your own terms. It can be accessed either from an
iPhone/iPad app
or from any
Web Browser

With your own individual access to JAMF Parents, you will be able to routinely perform the following Digital Parenting tasks:
Pass Code
Apply Restrictions
on entire
App Store Categories
such as
Social Media
either on a
basis or on a
Recurring Schedule
Apply a temporary
your child’s device on
Specific Apps
which your child can use in order to
Avoid Distractions
either on a
basis or on a
Recurring Schedule

Keeping your child’s iPad enrolled in the MDM
As iPad is designed to be a personal device, it is technically
for your child to remove the enrolment profile if he finds out how to perform this procedure. In such case, the device would become fully unmanaged as per matters mentioned earlier.

Should this take place, school IT administrators shall be automatically notified and shall advise both your child and you in order to remediate the situation.


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