Most of agency use multiple apps for managing clients and internal team
So, they have to pay for each app
which increases their operation cost
Also, managing multiple apps is a hassle.
Decision 1: Agencies needs an end-to-end solution for managing clients and maintain their internal team to reduce their operational cost.


Agency handy is a client portal management solution for agencies. Here agency can manage their clients, projects and tasks. For client, there will be a similar login portal where he can check the project progress, can review the task and provide feedback if necessary.


Product specification flow

Required field for Creating a new account.
First name
Last name
Email (unique)
Workspace name (Unique)
An email can be added into multiple workspaces.
After successful signup, a verification mail will be sent to the user mail.
In email URL and password will be sent.
After user click on that link, should redirect to card information.
If the user is redirected from affiliate URL show lifetime deal option else only the credit card information
Once the promo for lifetime is accepted no need to ask for credit card information
User can only view the lifetime promo tab if they come from affiliate links.
User can add promos from settings as well.
After both promo and credit card section take the user to dashboard
User can also signup with google.
Sign in
User will select the workspace first. then put email and password
After successful 200,
Admin, Super Admin, Client will redirect to their dashboard. (Dashboard data provided in the dashboard section)
Assignee, PM will redirect to Order list.
We are Making every company unique in DB. Under that company a user can be a client but in a different company he can be an agency owner.
Forget Password:
User Profile
Create Service (By Agency)
Super Admin, Admin can create service, update, Delete Service page form contains
name min(3), max(64),
descriptions (no limit),
price min(1),
type of service: One-time payment, Recurrent.
In recurrent 2 options:
User can add multiple recurrent pricing.
status: isPublish (Disable for)
SuperAdmin, Admin, Client, PM can view the service.
SuperAdmin, Admin, PM can delete, edit the service.
Every service will have two options ‘Order’ and ‘Send Quotation.’
While deleting a service user will get prompt with checkbox to confirm if he wants to delete the orders and quotations relating to service.
If the clients select then delete the service and orders
if not only delete the service from view and keep the orders
If a client is deleted it will show greyed out for all the data points that has client info
created by and created date is removed (12/5/2023 -ali)
Service list public
All the published service list can be viewed with direct URL.
Catalog URL will be “/catalog.”
the individual purchase URL will be “/service_name/checkout”
On top of the service/services there will be a form
First name (mandatory)
Last name (mandatory)
email (mandatory)
order details/brief (required)
user can select the amount of a service. (quantity)
the price will update automatically.
Coupon code (to be added later)
user will be able to pay directly.
with the firstname, lastname, email a client will be created and an order will be created once the payment is completed.
client onboarding will progress as regular.
if the email address has already a client registered it will automatically create an order with status “in progress”
Once the order is created after payment an invoice will be created with the paid amount and “Paid Status”
after successful payment redirect to service page with a toaster saying “Payment successful”
In “catalog” purchase button will be available and if no payment method is set up by agency it will show and error message (update date: 27/3/2024)
Admin, super admin can create client information.
Name (Required)
email (Required)
Lead (By default)
Status (Once an order is given)
Import client list from csv, excel.
From CSV we will take the required name and email field.
The optional fields if it is populated like address (city, state, country etc.) we will take it else discard.
Send a welcome email to client email address with username, password, and login URL.
While deleting a client give prompt with a Checkbox to confirm if he wants to delete order, invoice, quotations and tickets.
Items the user selects will be deleted.
Items the user didn’t select will remain.
Admin, Super Admin, PM, Client can create quotation.
Required fields for quotation.
Id (auto increment)
Order Brief
Select service (Required)
If Admin, Super Admin, PM creates a quotation then they need to select a client. if Client creates the quotation, the field don’t need to show.
Admin, Super Admin, PM will send it to the agency. Client will get notification
Orvi sends you a quotation. Please review it.
Client can review the quotation.
If accepts, it will create an order automatically. Check section
If rejects, send a notification to the person with reasoning. the text will be
Facebook rejects your quotation because the price is too high
Client will send it to the agency. Super Admin & Admin will get notification
Facebook sends you a quotation. Please review it.
Super Admin, Admin can review the quotation.
If accepts, it will create an order automatically. Check section
If rejects, send a notification to client with reasoning. the text will be
Orvi rejects your quotation because the price is too high
For Each rejection, User has to send new quotation. After sending a quotation there’s no way to edit it.
Order Flow
PM, Super Admin, Admin, Client can create an order.
Required field for creating an order.
Select Service, (Multiple service can be selected)
Select client,
Order Brief,
kick off date (optional),
end date (optional),
Attachments (optional),
Select PM (optional),
Quantity (default 1)
Status - Pending, Ongoing, Review, Completed, Cancelled
An order have 5 status. Pending, Ongoing, In Review, Complete, Cancelled
After creating an order (By PM, Super admin, admin) all the super admin in a company will get access to the order and send a created order notification to the client. the text will be.
Orvi created an order “order_id” for you.
When client creates an order a notification will be sent to the company Super Admin & Admin. The text will be
Client Facebook wants to purchase Service 1. Please review.
Super Admin & Admin can accept/reject the order.
If accepts, Order status will change into ongoing.
“Orvi” has accepted your order, and your order is currently ongoing.
If rejects, Rejecter will show the reason. A notification will sent to the client. The text
Orvi rejects your order because the price is too high.
Only PM, Super Admin, Admin can change the status.
The created person also add to the order. His role will be his default role.
Orvi added you in order 1.
SuperAdmin, Admin, PM can add employee in order. The member will get notification.
Super Admin, Admin, PM, Client can send feedback/chat
SuperAdmin, Admin, PM can create discussion
When new order created one default discussion would be created. “client name”
Admin, SuperAdmin can create other discussion and add team members from order list in the discussion.
While deleting the order client prompt with checkbox of tickets, invoice
Items the user selects will be deleted.
Items the user didn’t select will remain.
Order Update
Only the items given below can be edited
Start/End Date
PM, Super Admin, Admin able to create task
Member can be assigned to task
Required fields for task
manual progress
status - pending(default), progress, review, done.
When user changes status to review it should send a notification to the client (Super Admin, Admin, PM)
A checkbox to select if a task needs client review or not.
Client can see only tasks in review and done.
if client accepts, the status will move to done and task will mark as complete. Notification will be sent to super admin, admin, pm.
if client rejects, the status will move to progress.
If client review is unchecked, it will work same as onethread.
time log (same as onethread)
Task has 2 views. Board and List.
List view should have search, filter, sorting
A board can be make by status and assignee
Client can only view the task
Assignee can see only his assigned task.
Super Admin, Admin, PM, Assignee, Client can comment/chat in task.
A selection box for tasks that needs client review.
By default, it is checked.
If it checked that specific task requires client review if unchecked doesn’t require client review.
A separate box for both client and internal team. Only admin, super admin, PM can send and reply feedback to the clients. (For task)
If need client review is on then agency cannot create task with status “done”
Order Form
The idea of order form is to enable our consumers to customize their order form. The purpose of order form is to
A chatting system similar to telegram/WhatsApp
A discussion sidebar with all the discussions
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