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take a nap
This is sleeping during the daytime.
(someone) got a good night's sleep
(someone) is passed out "Passing out" means going to sleep suddenly and accidentally.
a heavy sleeper
This describes someone who doesn't wake up easily at night.
(someone) sleeps like a baby
This is a heavy sleep that seems peaceful.
(someone) sleeps like a log.
This is a heavy sleep that seems a bit boring.
(someone) snores
They make noises with their nose while sleeping
(someone) sleeps on (his or her) back
You can also sleep on your side or on your stomach.
I usually get about six hours of sleep a night.
Not sleeping
(someone) stayed up late
(someone) was tossing and turning all night
This means moving around a lot in your sleep.
(someone) is a restless sleeper
This means that you move around a lot and wake up in the middle of the night.
(someone) has insomnia
This is the medical name for not being able to sleep well.
pull an all-nighterThis means staying up all night to work on something or go out.
a night owl
This is a person who likes to stay up late.
Waking up
(someone) gets to sleep in tomorrow
Sleep until late in the day.
crawl back in bed
Go to bed again after waking up.
wake up to an alarm
This means waking up when the alarm clock rings.
get up at the crack of dawnThis means waking up as soon as the sun rises.
Damn! I overslept!
This means sleeping too late.
Rise and shine!
Say this to someone as they're waking up. It sounds bright and cheerful.
an early bird
This is someone who wakes up early.
Feeling sleepy
(some medicine) makes me drowsy.
Use this phrase to talk about medicine.
I can barely hold my eyes open. Say this if you're really sleepy but trying to stay awake.
I'm exhausted!
Say this if you're really tired.
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