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Ache - The ache is getting worse. What should I do?
Earache - I've got a horrible ear ache today.
Stomach ache - Don't eat too much chocolate or you'll get a stomach ache.
Toothache - Go to the dentist for your toothache.
Cough - He has a strong cough. He should take some cough syrup.
Catch - Most people catch a cold from time to time.
Cure - It took the doctor six months to cure the illness.
Heal - A wound can take a long time to heal.
Injure - I injured myself climbing a tree!
Operate on - The surgeon will operate on the patient at three o'clock.
Prescribe - The doctor prescribed an antibiotic to help the wound heal.
Treat - We'll treat anyone who has a health issue.
Bruise - I have this bruise from hitting myself with a door!
Cut - Put a bandage on your cut.
Graze - That's just a graze. It's nothing serious.
Wound - That wound needs to be treated by a doctor. Go to the emergency room.

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