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to live in harmony with one another
Meaning: to live with others in a way which avoids conflict or disagreement
Example: The students who share the house are all good friends and they are able to live in harmony with one another.
lovable [adj]: having qualities that people find attractive and easy to love
Eg: Minh is a really lovable child.
(be) willing to do sth[expression]: ready or pleased to help
They keep a list of people who are willing to work at night.
assistance [n]: help or support
Eg: We do offer financial assistance for people on low incomes.
affection [n]: the feeling of liking or loving sb/sth very much
Eg: Children need a lot of affection and sympathy.
generosity [n]: the fact of being generous
Eg: He treated them with generosity and thoughtfulness.
fortune [n]: chance or luck
Eg: I did have the good fortune to work with some brilliant directors.
(be) occupied with sth [adj]: be busy with sth
Eg: Lan is always occupied with the housework.
(to) overcome: to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem
Eg: She overcame injury to win the Olympic gold medal.
(to) gather [v]: to come together, or bring people together
Eg: His supporters gathered in the main square.
appealing [adj]: attractive or interesting
Eg: Spending the holiday in Britain is extremely appealing.

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