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- What do you think about Halloween? Is it a good holiday for children?
- Should adults celebrate Halloween? Why (not)?
- What is your favorite kind of candy or treat? What kind of treat would you be disappointed to receive?
- Have you ever been to a Halloween party or some other kind of costume party? What did you dress as? What happened at the party?
- What is your all-time favorite scary monster? Why?
Tell your partner a story about Halloween. It can be a story about you going trick-or-treating, a party you visited, a costume you wore, etc.
Halloween is only an excuse to eat too many sweets.
Halloween shouldn't be a holiday since it celebrates death and the devil.
Halloween is the only day when we treat every child who comes to our door as if they were our own.
Halloween is too American, so it shouldn't be celebrated in other parts of the world.

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