The Program

Based on the Anticipatory Activity System (AAS) framework, I developed an eight-step practical framework for dealing with a difficult challenge: #AAS4LT

Anticipatory Activity System for Life Transitions

The AAS4LT is inspired by the following knowledge resources:
Anticipatory Activity System: The center of the above diagram.
Life Discovery Activity: It is a Second-order Activity.
Developmental Project: It is a First-order Activity.
The Anticipatory Activity System framework (AAS) is an abstract model which aims to understand a special type of human activity that highlights “Self, Other, Present, Future”.
As an application of AAS, the AAS4LT was developed with eight steps for guiding a life transition coaching program.

The AAS4LT 1:1 life coaching program

Based on the AAS4LT framework, I designed a 1:1 life coaching program. I used Milanote which is a digital whiteboard platform to host the program.
The program is based on the following knowledge models:
The AAS4LT framework
The Life-as-Project approach
The Life Discovery Toolkit (v1.0)
The Life Discovery Canvas (v1.0)
The program is designed with the above eight steps. Each step has its own sub-board where I and a client can work together on the following tasks:
1. Understanding The Concept
2. Understanding The Example
3. Share Your Information
4. Discussions
5. Reflection
Task 1 and Task 2 are for the client to learn basic ideas about each step. For Task 3, the client has to reflect on her or his own situations and experiences and share relevant information through text, images, links, etc on the sub-board. I will lead Task 4 and respond to the client’s information. Task 5 is for both of us.

Eight Steps

For the AAS4LT framework, you can read the following articles to understand the eight steps:
8. Storytelling: I will start a new study about Projects and Storytelling. Now you can read the following related articles.


We use Minanote to host the 1:1 life coaching program. You can find some screenshots about the program on .
3 achievement .jpeg
3 Gap as Bridge.jpeg
2 life awareness.jpeg
4 DESIGN.jpeg

The Life Discovery Board (public, v2)

The Life Discovery Board (public, v2) is an instrument for the self-guided Life Discovery Project.
It has 8 steps which are organized into three groups.

Group 1: Life as Project

1. Aspiration (tested)
2. Awareness (tested)
3. Achievement (tested)
This group has been tested in the past two months.

Group 2: “Now” as a Network of Projects

Inspired by my articles about the complexity of Project Engagement, I decided to use the following three views to discuss situations, challenges, and opportunities:
4. Network
5. Hierarchy
6. Perspective

Group 3: “Next” as a Developmental Project

7. Reflection with the Life Discovery Canvas
8. Write Life Discovery Report
This group is guided by I SEE IT/I WANT IT module and the Significant Insight Analysis framework.

Find the board on :
The Life Discovery Board is based on the Life-as-Project approach. You can find more details about the approach in .

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