The Book

We are working on edit a new book about the (AAS) framework.
Anticipatory Activity System - Oliver Ding - August 12, 2022.png
I wrote a rough TOC for the possible book in a 36-page introduction to the AAS framework.

Part One: Speculation

Part One focuses on theoretical development. I will introduce several theoretical resources behind the AAS framework and discuss the developmental process of core concepts of AAS.
Activity Theory
Anticipatory Theory
Relevance Theory
Self-determination Theory
Networks of Enterprise
Curativity Theory
An Intermediate Framework

Part Two: Movements

Part Two introduces the basic model of the AAS framework and the significant movements.

Part Three: Modules

Part Three introduces several sub-frameworks and models. They can be used as modules for designing different programs.
The iART framework
The "Anticipatory - Performance" Complexity
A Typology of Relevance
The Defining Zone
Developmental Project Model
Life Discovery Model
The Opportunity Formula
The Achievement Chain

Part Four: Experiments

Part Four shares some stories behind the historical development of the AAS framework.
Shaper & Supporter Lab
The AAS Board and the AAS4LT program
The Knowledge Engagement Program
The Slow Cognition Project
Life Strategy Activity

Life Discovery .png
In June 2022, I edited a TOC for a possible book titled Life Discovery: Biography, Journey, and Program.
Total 136 articles and links
Total 1,646 min read
Total 452, 650 words
The book doesn’t offer a framework for Life Discovery Activity, so you can’t find ready-to-use tools for your Life Discovery Programs.
It collected my articles about the historical development of the Project-centered approach and the Life-as-Project framework from Jan 2022 to June 2022.
I consider it as a real example of Life Discovery Activity.
I also use it as a real example for .



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